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Meet Alix & Shona

Alix and Shona love what they do. People like you have sought them out, knowing that they consistently turn the toughest challenges into seamless opportunities.

Alix Brown

Alix is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful realtors on the West Side of Vancouver, which she has served since 1980. With a complete and constantly updated recall of the West Side housing market, she is excellently positioned to meet the needs and expectations of both buyers and sellers. Through her career Alix has established a word-of-mouth reputation for thoroughness, instinct and market perception. She has an excellent relationship with the community of Realtors, whose confidence in her acts to the benefit of her clients. This rapport is of particular value in bringing buyer and seller, and their agents, into successful conclusion of a sale.

Alix is a founding member of Dexter Associates Realty, an established and highly successful Vancouver firm, with nearly one hundred realtors and exceptional managers. Leading by example, she has maintained herself at the sales pinnacle of that firm for more than 25 years.

Shona Hurst

Shona is an outgoing, knowledgeable and perceptive realtor, who adds her 20 years of real estate experience in commercial and residential appraisal as well as residential sales to the partnership. Outgoing and market-aware, with prodigious energy, she too is particularly well placed to serve the west side clientele. Together Shona and Alix make an extremely effective team, skilled, energetic and career-driven. Both relate extremely well to clients and realtors.

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