Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Here are some useful links to help you plan your move..

Moving Tips


Arrange for clothes and furniture donations:

Big Brothers

Canadian Diabetes Clothesline

Developmental Disabilities Association

Salvation Army


Moving Check List for Sellers

QUICK TIPS to remember when you are moving…

  • Furnace is turned down or off
  • Windows and doors are locked
  • Keys are left as agreed upon with new owners
  • All meters are read
  • Leave location of water main shut off
  • Turn off lights
  • Leave manuals/warranties behind regarding roof, appliances
  • Make sure your services are discontinued
  • Transfer all bank accounts and have your bank recommend an affiliate
  • Have vehicles tuned up, change insurance accordingly
  • Arrange for a moving company
  • Leave keys and necessary legal papers with your realtor
  • Have your prescriptions refilled
  • Must your will be re-written with inter-provincial moving?
  • Change of address to: Driver’s licence, medical services plan, post
    office, credit card accounts, friends, relatives, magazines, newspapers
  • Notify insurance companies: Health, life, auto, home owners, coverage while en route
  • Utilities, refunds, final bills: Hydro, telephone, cable, internet, gas, water rental.
  • Obtain all records: Dentist, doctor, optometrist, specialists, school, birth, baptismal, legal documents
  • Cancel deliveries: Newspapers, magazines, milk, water.
  • Transfer memberships: Clubs, organizations, church, charities

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